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Pushkin’s memorial estate

Pushkin’s memorial estate
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was born in Moscow, but Zakharovo and Vyazyomy manors in the Moscow region are considered to be his “poetic motherland”, because the genius spent his childhood there
Moscow region, Odintsovsky area, village Bolshye Vyazyomy
Memorial estate is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 (a ticket office closes at 16.30, the exhibitions and expositions are available from 10.00 to 17.00). The memorial estate is closed on Mondays and the last Friday of each month.
+7 (495) 598-24-04; +7 (495) 598-214-47

Pushkin’s memorial estate “Mikhaylovskoe”​  is a memorial estate in Pushkinogorsky area of the Pskov region. Its full name is State memorial history, literature and natural landscape museum estate of A. S. Pushkin “Mikhaylovskoe”.

Its area size is 9800 hectares.


Here, in his grandmother’s manor, Pushkin first saw the beauty of Russian nature, heard folk songs, saw the life of reach provincial nobility. Here his views were formed, and he started writing his first poems. At the difficult moments in his life he came here.

Now on the territory of two manors there is a State history and literature memorial estate of A.S. Pushkin. In Vyazyomy there is still a palace and a park ensemble of the 18—19 centuries: Preobrazheniya church and a bell turret, a palace and two wings, and also household buildings, parks and ponds. There are more than 20 historical and cultural memorials in Vyazyomy. This place is connected with the main historical events in Russia: Time of troubles, transformations of Peter the Great, Patriotic war in 1812, Civil war and Great Patriotic war. Many famous people were here: Boris Godunov, False Dmitry I, Peter I, Pavel I, M. I. Kutuzov, Napoleon, P. I. Bagration, N. V. Gogol, L. N. Tolstoy, M. I. Tsvetaeva, A. A. Akhmatova and many others.
A pond and a part of the park, poetized in Pushkin’s poetry, are preserved in Zakharovo. In 1999 a manor of M. A. Gannibal with a museum of Pushkin’s childhood was restored. 
In Pushkin’s memorial estate there are excursions, museum expositions and exhibitions. The main collections started appearing since 1989. The exhibits came here from different sources. The book collection is a very important part of the memorial estate. These are lifetime written works of Pushkin, critics and lifetime articles about Pushkin, books from a private library of Golytsyn princes, who owned a manor in Vyazyomy since late 17 century.

Paintings and works of graphic art of the 17th—20th centuries, furniture of the 19th — early 20th century, porcelain and faience patterns from different factories of Western Europe and Russia from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries are displayed here. There are also collections of pipes, miniatures and toys of the late 19th — early 20th centuries.

There are three functioning museums on the territory of the estate. Concerts, lectures, conferences and balls often take place here. Children can take part in Pushkin balls, contests of young poets and artists.

How to get there

To Vyazyomy manor: From Belorussky railway station in Moscow with a suburban train, exit on Golytsyno station, then a bus 38, 39 (Institut station)

To Zakharovo manor:
A suburban train from Belorussky railway station, direction Zvenigorod, exit on Zakharovo station.
By bus or car: 44 km of Mozhayskoeshosse.


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